MAGNATEC PROFESSIONAL 5W-40 - 20L - Castrol - Engine Oil

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From conventional oils, to the latest in synthetic technology, Castrol have the proven range of lubricants to suit all your needs.
Castrol offers lubricants for virtually all domestic, commercial and industrial applications across land, sea and air. Since the firm’s founding in 1899, Castrol has worked with manufacturers and other businesses to develop lubricants to meet their specific needs, especially where new lubricants could ease the way for advances in engine or industrial design.
Castrol’s products include an extensive range of manual and automatic transmission fluids, chain lubricants and waxes, coolants, suspension fluids, brake fluids, greases, cleaners and maintenance products. Castrol also produces products for agricultural machinery, plant, general industry and marine engineering uses.
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Castrol Magnatec Professional 5W-40
Engine Oil
Instant protection from the moment you turn the key
Castrol Magnatec Professional’s intelligent molecules cling like a magnet, dramatically reducing* engine wear. Micro filtered it’s your guarantee of Professional quality. Up to 75% of engine wear happens while your engine warms up. When the engine stops, oils drain off critical engine parts, however Castrol Magnatec Professional’s intelligent molecules don’t. They cling to the engine like a magnet providing an extra layer of protection; ready to protect from the moment you turn the key.
Castrol Magnatec Professional has been specially engineered to deliver outstanding wear protection in today’s modern engines. Castrol Magnatec Professional. Instant protection from the moment you turn the key.
* As tested against the industry Sequence IVA wear test.
Castrol Magnatec Professional 5W-40 is suitable for use in automotive petrol and diesel engines where the manufacturer recommends an ACEA A3/B4, A3/B3, API SN/CF or earlier specification 5W-40 lubricant.
Not suitable for diesel engines fitted with Diesel Particulate Filters, DPF.
Castrol Magnatec Professional’s Intelligent Molecules:
- Cling to critical engine parts when the oil drains down
- Cling to your engine forming an extra layer that protects from the moment you turn the key;
- Bond to metal surfaces to make engine parts more resistant to wear;
- Provide continuous protection for all driving conditions, styles and temperatures.
Castrol Magnatec Professional 5W-40 delivers superior performance under extreme cold start up conditions relative to thicker grades
Engine Oil
More Information
Size 20L
Brand Castrol
Manufacturer Code 3350465
Use Engine Oil
Material N/A
Viscosity 5W-40
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