ILOCUT 154 - 205L - Castrol - Cutting Oil

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Ilocut 154 is designed for general machining of medium alloyed steel and non-ferrous metals


From conventional oils, to the latest in synthetic technology, Castrol have the proven range of lubricants to suit all your needs.
Castrol offers lubricants for virtually all domestic, commercial and industrial applications across land, sea and air. Since the firm’s founding in 1899, Castrol has worked with manufacturers and other businesses to develop lubricants to meet their specific needs, especially where new lubricants could ease the way for advances in engine or industrial design.
Castrol’s products include an extensive range of manual and automatic transmission fluids, chain lubricants and waxes, coolants, suspension fluids, brake fluids, greases, cleaners and maintenance products. Castrol also produces products for agricultural machinery, plant, general industry and marine engineering uses.
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Castrol Ilocut 154
High Performance Neat Cutting Oil 
Castrol Ilocut™ 154 is a chlorine and heavy metal free neat cutting oil.
Ilocut 154 is designed for general machining of medium alloyed steel and non-ferrous metals
• Advanced additive technology gives high extreme pressure (EP) lubricity properties and lowering production costs through extended tool life.
• Improved surface finish and increased cutting speeds leads to improvement of process efficiency
• Multi-metal compatibility using our superior additive technology provides opportunity for product Consolidation.
• Our chlorine and heavy metal free formulation improves the environmental profile and reduces disposal costs 
More Information
Size 205L
Brand Castrol
Manufacturer Code 3345469
Country of Manufacture United Kingdom
Use Cutting Oil
Material N/A
Viscosity N/A
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