DIESEL BIOCIDE - 1L - QAT Quality Auto Treatments - Diesel Fuel System

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DIESEL BIOCIDE - 1L - QAT Quality Auto Treatments - Diesel Fuel System

QAT Quality Auto Treatments

DIESEL BIOCIDE - 1L - QAT Quality Auto Treatments - Diesel Fuel System

Diesel fuel algae and bacteria treatment

DIESEL BIOCIDE is a highly effective diesel biocide formula for use in storage situations where water promotes the growth of microbial organisms.

Diesel Biocide is intended where distillate fuels are used such as bulk storage tanks, diesel trucks, marine diesel engines, farm equipment and diesel generators. Where water is present in a storage tank it will provide a location for algae and bacteria to grow in a layer between the water and fuel. Once the population of the microbe or fungus reaches a certain size dieback occurs and then filters can become blocked with a black slimy deposit and the fuel may be hazy with water and dirt. This can reduce the performance.
Features & Benefits:

• DIESEL BIOCIDE is excellent for use with all forms of diesel and bio diesel.
• DIESEL BIOCIDE has been formulated to treat more types of algae and bacteria than other brands
• DIESEL BIOCIDE is a concentrated formula for treatment of more litres per millilitre added.
• DIESEL BIOCIDE promotes fuel stability during storage.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE:                                                                                                    

Maintenance Dose:          1 Litre / 2,000 Litres of Diesel Contamination Dose: 1 Litre / 1,000 Litres of Diesel


Appearance:                  Clear to Yellow Liquid

pH                                   12

Specific Gravity:            1.0 - 1.04

Odour:                            Slight Odour

Solubility:                      Miscible in water

DG Class:                       Class 8 Corrosive

Hazardous:                    Yes

Flash Point:                   >120°C

More Information
Size 1L
Brand QAT Quality Auto Treatments
Manufacturer Code Q AC82 1
Country of Manufacture Australia
Use Diesel Biocide
Material N/A
Viscosity N/A
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